UST Sports Complex is now 'Quadricentennial Pavilion'

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Nov. 18, 3:52 p.m. - THE OFFICE of the Secretary General announced today that the UST Sports Complex will now be officially called “Quadricentennial Pavilion.”

Secretary General Fr. Florentino Bolo Jr., O.P., said the new name of the multi-million gym was decided during the meeting of the Council of Regents last Oct. 18.

As of posting time, the Quadricentennial Pavilion is being used for the closing day of the 7th Quacquarelli Symonds- Asia Pacific Professional Leaders in Education conference and exhibition. Alyosha J. Robillos

it's a formal name

Quadricentennial Pavillion is the formal name but I bet nobody or very few will verbally mention, "Quadricentennial Pavillion" and everybody will just use plain, simple and easy to recognize "UST Gym (now that our 1930s gym is demolished)" or "UST Sports Complex" or "UST Sports Center." It's like the St. Martin de Porres building being referred to simply as, "Medicine Building" even if two more colleges are housed there. I am a Biology graduate of our alma mater and yet I and my colleagues call "Mus musculosus" mouse or simply "daga."

Grammatically Unfit!

ACCORDING TO THE MERRIAM-WEBSTER SITE, A PAVILION IS DEFINED AS: 1) a : a large often sumptuous tent b : something resembling a canopy or tent 2) a : a part of a building projecting from the rest b : one of several detached or semidetached units into which a building is sometimes divided 3) a : a usually open sometimes ornamental structure in a garden, park, or place of recreation that is used for entertainment or shelter b : a temporary structure erected at an exposition by an individual exhibitor 4) a : the lower faceted part of a brilliant below the girdle THE NEWLY-CONSTRUCTED BUILDING IS NOWHERE NEAR THIS DESCRIPTION. IT MAY SOUND FANCY BUT IT DOES NOT APTLY REPRESENT THE TRUE STRUCTURAL ESSENCE OF THIS EDIFICE. AND BESIDES THE NAME IS TOO LONG AND MORESO INCONVENIENT TO RECALL, BETTER TO COME UP WITH A SHORTER BUT MEANINGFUL ONE.

it sounds interesting the way

it sounds interesting the way you thoroughly wrote about UST Sports Complex.

Grammar? Oh cmon

Pavilion is a tent or any similar structure. But why do we need to be very technical about the term 'pavilion'? Other proposed names include Tiger's Lair. Would you also protest the name and raise the issue that the building is nothing close to be compared to a tiger's cage? For me, the name would just make UST a zoo! Anyways, in University of California in Los Angeles has a similar facility called Pauley Pavilion, a basketball arena. Google it! The new gym could get a nickname if it is too long: Quadri Pav (or simply, Gym).

The "Tiger's Lair" suggestion

The "Tiger's Lair" suggestion is merely a nickname for the gym itself. Just like with the UCF Arena, they call it The Dungeon dahil nga medieval ang origin ng mascot nila na si Knightro.

Gasgas na rin kasi ang mga

Gasgas na rin kasi ang mga "sports complex", "athletics center", "gymnasium", "coliseum", and "arena". Besides being sports-centric ang names, these names are like very predictable. Quadricentennial Pavilion gives a breath of fresh air to its name. If we're to enumerate the sporting facilities of top UAAP schools: UP's College of Human Kinetics Gymnasium, Ateneo's Blue Eagles Gym, DLSU's Enrique Razon Sports Center, and UST's Quadricentennial Pavilion... very obvious that UST's is brand new and built in the 21st century. Unlike FEU's R. Papa Gym (na mukhang di pinag-isipan), ours bring prestige to its name.

It signifies being a multi-purpose venue

Names like UST Sports Complex, Tigers' Lair, UST Gymnasium, etc. only make the structure exclusive for athletics use. Maybe, the name suggests that the new building is more like a multi-purpose hall instead of being a sports facility. Although this UST Quadri Pav is not yet fully operational, the first event that it officially hosts is the QS-Apple Summit, a non-athletic event. I think it's a good choice of name, but not the best. The name could have been better, nonetheless, it's good enough.

Temporary Name

This is JUST a temporary name for the new UST Sports Complex. Just in time for our Quadricentennial since it will be used for the remaining university events in relation to the UST's Quadricentennial celebration. NO OVER ACTING COMMENTS PLEASE

Temporary Name?

Is this true? Based on my understanding of this article, it appears that the name change is permanent. I hope that The Varsitarian will clarify this. I don't see anything in this article that indicates otherwise. Cheers to The Varsitarian for the Online Poll! (n,n)y

name is ok

I think it sounds unique. It can be shortened to Q.P. or Quad Pav. Not bad.

I remember that the UST

I remember that the UST QUADRI FB account was asking for possible names for the sports complex. I wonder what happened to those suggestions? There were better names such as "Tiger's Lair" compared to its present name. I hope in time, we'll get used to this name even if it seems hard to remember.

Name too long...

I think that the new name is too long. It would take time for the people to remember it. Was there any votation for the name? I wish they had one. If they managed to ask the students to vote for their favorite "stars" on USTv, why not have a votation for this very important landmark? I would like to suggest "Tiger Gym" or "Tiger Sports Complex" to be used. This appeals more to the public. =)

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